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Web sites should be well structured, comfortable to navigate, independent from technical extravagance, and functional on each computer. My photographs are an essential part of all web sites I designed. I developed and maintain the following web sites:

Cayaya Birding

Cayaya Birding - Fine Birding Tours in Guatemala
Description of birding sites, photo gallery of Guatemalan birds and scenery, birding tour itineraries, trip reports, newsletter. Launched 2003.


Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve
Description of the reserve, its flora and fauna, and conservation activities. Launched 2004.

Sociedad Guatemalteca de Ornitologia

Ornithological Society of Guatemala
Ornithology in Guatemala, form for reporting noteworthy bird observations; PATO-POC: Bulletin of the Ornithological Society of Guatemala. Launched 2004. http://www.avesdeguatemala.org


PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program

Muebles Tontem

Muebles Tontem
Launched 2006.

Fine Kicker Tables

Fine Kicker Tables
Launched 2010.

Wildlife Photography in Guatemala

Knut Eisermann - Ornithological Research and Wildlife Photography in Guatemala
Photography, webdesign, slide shows, research. Launched 2005.

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