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Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala
The most authoritative, detailed, and updated checklist of the 725 bird species recorded in Guatemala. Also includes information about status, habitats and endemic species, along with detailed distribution maps, information on species to watch for and species of special concern. 175 pages, Lynx Edicions, 2007 (ISBN 84-96553-40-X).

Available in the following online stores:

Buteo Books, US.

Lynx Edicions, Spain.

nhbs Environment Bookstore, UK.

Christ Media Natur, Germany.



In Guatemala available in these stores:

-Librería Sophos, Guatemala City, Plaza Fontabella, Local 1D 2º Nivel, 4ª avenida 12-59, zona 10, Tel.: 2419 7070
-Casa del Conde Bookstore (Café Condesa), Antigua Guatemala, Central Park (phone: 7832 4657).
-Un Poco de Todo Bookstore, Antigua Guatemala, Central Park (phone: 7832 3322).
-Souvenir stores in the visitor's center in Tikal (next to the Stelae Museum).
-Souvenir store in the Los Tarrales Reserve.

Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala
Cover painting by Albert Earl Gilbert

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